Senior Summer Travel Warnings

Jun 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Summer is the worst time to fly in America, and this year it may prove tougher than ever and a challenge to even the most experienced senior vacationer.  Several of the nations main runways are shut down for a major face-lift.  Massive new highway project are reportedly snarling traffic around airports and construction isn’t the only thing that’s likely to cause airport stress. Vacationers and regular business travelers crowd airports during summer months. Thunderstorms have ripple effects on flights because they shut down critical airspace and delay loading aircraft when lightening is in the area, all which adds to delays.  A major hub delay or shutdown can be felt throughout the entire country.

So here are 10 airports to avoid this summer.  This means staying away from these 10 congested, delay-prone hubs to give you a better chance of a smooth takeoff and landing.  Unfortunately these include several of the major means of travel for both national and international destinations.  So maybe it is time for a movie or two instead…or camping in a national park close to home…or (fill in the blank) ___________.

Here is some interesting planning advice from

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Yahoo! Travel has this to offer:

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Yahoo! Travel further advises seniors to check out the Most Complained-About Airlines:

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  • Just because you show up at the airport with a ticket reservation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up on your intended flight.

Yahoo has several special offers for seniors to check out. Yahoo! Travel: A good choice for cheap hotels, airline tickets, car rentals, and other great deals!          jeb

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