Senior Citizens Visit the English Countryside

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Sooner or later, senior citizens will want to depart London and explore the English countryside.  The countryside is loaded with green fields, roaming animals, flowing streams, ancient castles, huge churches and bell towers, seaside destinations and of course the Lake District National Park. With more than 3,500 kilometres of rights of way and 12 of the largest lakes in England, there’s something for everyone!  

I dearly loved Cambridge.  This map can help by providing options for senior tourists. We rented a car on our first trip to England.  It proved to be a real challenge just getting out of London.  Lots of good folks honked their horns at me.  Driving on the left side of the road took some practice and my wife proved to be a super navigator.  I recommend a tour and “leave the driving to the driver.”  In the history of Hertz car rentals I may be the first to have there on a ferry to get back to France and Paris. The Avis folks were very accommodating and I guess the Volkswagen made it back to Hertz as I never heard any more from anyone.  I left my address in Paris with them just in case.

I like to start planning a visit by choosing a Premium London Tours page like this one. I am not plugging this tour but chose to see what it had to offer.  It had plenty to offer and has specials including a visit to Stonehenge that is the most popular prehistoric monument in the world built nearly 5,000 years ago. Most visitors to the site are not allowed direct access to the stones. With this particular tour you get that access.  That makes it “premium.”  Years ago when our children were only 3 and 5 we had the memorable privilege of walking around the stones.  Then some irresponsible people started writing graffiti on the ancient megaliths, they closed it down, put a fence around it and today most folks can only view Stonehenge from afar. 

Good Ole’ WikiPedia has a dedicated site to Tourism in England.  It is a good one and includes all the Heritage Cities in England.  Are you a gardener or enjoy walking through gardens with thousands of flowers?  My brother was a PhD Botanist and I have a Master Gardener Certificate so we would really have enjoyed viewing Britain’s many famous gardens together.  

Do you need a visa to visit England?  Find out here. More than likely not unless you plan to stay more than six months.

So where does Jim end today?  Are you planning your first trip to England? Not sure where to go or what to see? How about a virtual tour of the entire country divided by district?  Lastly, good ‘ole Trip Advisor has addition advice for your trip to the United Kingdom.  Well, Cherrio!  jeb

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