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Well I have to admit that I have been… only kinda like been … in Utah.  I landed at Salt Lake City and took off again for Portland.  That really doesn’t count, does it?  I can say the same thing about Florida.  I have been in the Miami airport many times but never to Florida.  I must visit Florida sometime. 

I received a beautiful brochure in the mail today on Bryce Canyon.  I have always wanted to visit that Canyon site. A cave without a ceiling? A forest of stone? That’s Bryce Canyon and it is even more beautiful in the wintertime! Erosion has carved colorful Claron limestones into thousands of spires, fins, arches and mazes. Collectively called “hoodoos,” these unique formations are whimsically arranged and tinted with colors too numerous and subtle to name.

Bryce Canyon National Park does not contain one main canyon, but rather a dozen smaller ravines eroded into the east side of a ridge running approximately north-south at the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau in southwest Utah. This erosion has resulted in thousands of bizarre and fragile rock formations, large and small, in many subtle shades of pink, white, yellow and red, extending in quite a narrow band for over 25 miles along the plateau rim. The national park is named after Ebenezer Bryce, a Mormon farmer who was the first modern-day settler in the region, and was established in 1924. Both my daughters prefer Moab which is not too far removed from Bryce Canyon.

I just brought up a map of the state on site and guess what?  I have been to Utah.  I once drove from Denver (Hwy 70 & 15) to Las Vegas.  The only thing I remember about Utah was the city of St. George.  What a beautiful small town/city/place.  There is an impressive Mormon temple there as well.  I heard later that many retirees from Salt Lake City move south to settle in St. George.  My wife and I drove around the town and found it to be very pleasant. 

Welcome to Utah, paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! From National Parks to ski resorts and golf courses, beautiful Park City to historic Temple Square, sunny St George to bustling Salt Lake City to tranquil Lake Powell, Utah will surprise you with its variety. The Great Salt Lake is a must for any Utah visitor. Temple Square in Salt Lake City, is Utah’s most popular tourist destination. Part of its appeal lies in its accessibility: three city blocks in downtown Salt Lake City contain nearly 20 attractions related to Mormon pioneer history and genealogy, including the Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle, and the Family History Library. This means that visitors can see all or most of these attractions in a relatively short period of time. Suggested Utah itineraries will make your visit here easier.  A good map will be useful as well. 

Like coupons? Me too.Here is a nice site for saving $$. Tourists interested in visiting Utah are invited to visit the Office of Tourism’s official consumer web site. You can get information on the national parks, skiing/snowboarding, white-water rafting, hiking, biking, and special events. has as its mission to “make Utah a better place to live by improving the economic contribution of tourism.”  Pick out the best destinations here and plan a trip around these sites. While their national parks are considered national treasures, there are many more places to see and things to do that are just as amazing… and certainly less crowded! 

Most of Utah lies on a plateau higher than 4,000 feet above sea level. The geology of this region takes on an amazing variety of shapes and colors. Elevations rise and fall dramatically in the shape of mountains, buttes, and plateaus, the highest reaching over 13,000 feet.  Utah has something for everyone. And seniors, do you enjoy skiing? It’s here. Utah features 14 world-class ski resorts, 11 of which are less than an hour from Salt Lake City International Airport. A winter vacation here means you enjoy unparalleled access and value – along with their famous Utah powder!

Let’s not forget TripAdvisor.  Here’s their site for Utah. It may be all you need to really check out the state.  I will toss in a video or two just to make your stop here today fun as well.  The first called Outdoor Utah and the second quickie one minute video with great outdoor shots.  I forgot Bryce Canyon didn’t I.  Here is a great video with some nice music too.    jeb

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