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Seniors Are Drawn to Mill Valley Natural Beauty

Smithsonian Magazine voted Mill Valley, CA as the #4 most popular town in the nation. Mill Valley is known throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for its natural beauty and cultural events and is reminiscent of a charming European village. Located in Marin County, just north of San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge, it is a special place full of friendly residents. Today Mill Valley is one of the most desirable locations in Marin County being surrounded by national parks, San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The natural wooded areas bordering the Pacific Ocean attract a plethora of senior visitors.

Stats on Mill Valley

I enjoy checking a city using City-Data, and Mill Valley is no exception. The population runs just over 13,000 and you will notice that the median house or condo is about $1million.  No surprise with SF so close. I found this map and like it very much as it is in four formats. The link About Mill Valley is loaded with information that attracts senior visitors. It is well done with everything from a Welcome link to History and Weather.  Those who have been to Marin County find it exceptionally attractive and here lies Mill Valley. An acquaintance made this short video and Busy Beth always features neat scenes and interesting facts.

A Photo Gallery

Mill Valley has many reasons to be proud and these photos are a good example. The auto-running slide show adds more to the attractiveness of the Valley. Don’t miss reading the early history featuring a scenic railway, mud baths, and opportunities for hunting and camping that made Mill Valley a popular summer vacation locale and where many summer homes were built.  I liked the part about the mud baths. Wonder what that was all about.  Surrounded by national parks, including Muir Woods, an ancient coast redwood forest, Mill Valley’s lush landscape of hills and canyons is a favorite place for senior visitors who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, golf and running.

Additional Attractions in Mill Valley

There are a host of top-rated things to see and do in and around Mill Valley. The Muir Woods National Monument ranks high along with the Mount Tamalpais State Park. TripAdvisor will fill in the blanks for your itinerary and visit including some great hotel values. This site suggests fifteen additional guides you may like along with more information on Muir Woods via the Bootjack Trail. The Mill Valley Travel Guide expands further the many amenities of the region. The Throckmorton (love that word) Theatre is founded on the philosophy that theatre, music, dance, film, poetry, visual and related arts are essential components of a rich and rewarding life, and an indispensable part of human inspiration and education. The theatre along with the Marin County Theater Company are important elements of life in Mill Valley. So when you are back in SF, drive up Hwy 101 and spend some time in Town #4 and you will see why Smithsonian Magazine rated Mill Valley so high.  jeb

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