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Seniors Take in Hollywood

Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California, situated west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movie studios and movie stars the word Hollywood is often used as a metonym of American cinema. Today, however, senior visitors are aware that much of the movie industry has dispersed into surrounding areas.

You will find many many tourists attractions in the area including the huge Hollywood sign.  Museums are L.A.’s hidden gems. The cost of admission is usually less than a movie, but offer far more long-lasting value for Los Angeles residents and tourists alike.

Seniors Enjoy Historic Paramont Studios

Among the top attractions is Paramount Studios.  It is the only major studio still located in Hollywood, which makes the 2-hour cart tour around its Hollywood headquarters far more historically enriching than the modern studios in Burbank (even the wrought-iron gates Gloria Swanson motored through in Sunset Boulevard are still there).  50% of all vacationers rate sightseeing the #1 thing to do in the area.

While you are in LA consider purchasing a GO CARD, perfect way to save on your visit. The Walk of Fame is another must. For your information the Hollywood Chamber has unveiled ten stars so far in 2011 on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bill Geist, Penelope Cruz, Bryan Adams, Zubin Mehta, Alec Baldwin, John Langley, Adam Sandler, Donald Sutherland, Colin Firth, and Stan Lee all received Walk of Fame stars this year. Check them all out.

Can you believe that Paris Hilton’s Home  ($4.25 million) is on the ten most suggested places to see? It ranks right behind the famed Hollywood Sign. Hollywood Boulevard is in a state of rebirth.  Rodeo Drive is not far away and is well worth the side-trip. While you are there and you see a movie star or two, do try to get an autograph for me, okay?  jeb

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