Senior Citizens Travel Solo

Jun 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Millions of seniors travel alone and enjoy it.  Estimates suggest one in 10 leisure travelers travels alone.  However, the travel industry presents a problem to those senior citizens when they favor couples (double occupancy) or families over those who choose to travel alone.  Singles are frequently charged a ‘single supplement’ just because they are alone.

This seems to be changing as we see tour operators, cruise lines and other organizations in the travel industry becoming friendlier toward single travelers.  Intrepid Travel, for example, specializes in adventure trips for ‘independent’ travelers.  An exception is Adventure Women, a company that offers travel for single women and has been doing so for 28 years.  They do pair you with a roommate, but you don’t pay a surcharge for being single.

Some cruise lines waive and discount fares for singles.  Fodor’s Solo Travel cites Cruise West, Coastal Voyage and Uniworld.  Cruise West permits independent travelers to travel at the ‘twin’ rate on several of its cruises.  Coastal Voyage’s cruises in the Norwegian Fiords are advertised as ‘per person, two bed cabin’.  Uniworld advertises it ‘waives single supplements’ on select cruises.  Non-discriminatory single fares are available, but you may have to do some searching to find them.

AARP provides a valuable resource in Peter Greenberg who has a live chat transcript about seniors traveling alone. Greenberg is the travel editor for AARP and writes a blog about senior citizen travel.  The blog provides good travel tips and we recommend our readers bookmark that site along with Senior Citizen Journal.   jeb

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