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Emerald Isle is the poetic name for Ireland due to its green countryside. There’s so much to choose from when you want to take a break in Ireland. So, where do you start? Simple, right here. Whatever it is you’re looking for – family fun, romantic breaks, adventure weekends, relaxing with friends – you’ll find it all here. Go on, you’re only a few clicks away from a break you’ll never forget.  The top destinations will keep you busy for a long time and this video called Ireland The Beautiful will catch your attention as well.

Whether you are heading to Dublin or Donegal, Cork or Cavan, Kerry, Kilkenny or any other great Irish destination… get planning that trip! Check out the Dublin Pass for extra savings. Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland and the island of Ireland‘s third most populous city. If you enjoy aerial views like me you may enjoy this video called Flying Through the Country.

Thousands of tourists are being attracted to visit Ireland and Northern Ireland. First timer seniors can use this list of Ireland’s Activities and Attractions whether you prefer
challenging a golf course, walking, boating on a river of lake, and etc.  The range of places to visit in Ireland is massive. Here you can check out the many famous attractions in Ireland.  And you will want to visit! Here, you can find a huge selection of Hotels in Ireland, as well as B&Bs (Bed and Breakfasts) and other accommodations across Ireland. To help you plan your visit, we have details of places to visit, tours, maps of Ireland, and more! If you’re planning to visit a specific area, choose from the counties on the map to this site.

One of the tricky things that tourists have to face when traveling in Ireland is understanding Gaelic, the language native to the country. Of course people in Ireland speak English as well, but their own version of the English language can be a little confusing, with some terms and phrases meaning differently from what an American or an Englishman may be accustomed to. And so, here are some Gaelic terms that you as a person going to travel in Ireland must know. When you enter a shop and are greeted “Failte,” pronounced as fall-sha, by the attendant, the attendant is only bidding you welcome.

Here are several tips on saving in Ireland.  Over the years, Ireland has somehow gained a reputation among travelers to be “The Rip-Off Republic.” This means that if you want to spend on something when on your trip to Ireland, you have to be prepared to spend big. By now you know that Jim loves the Ten Best of any country.  Here they are for Ireland.  And of course there is Northern Ireland and here you can discover ten reasons to visit this part of the country and their own tourist board.

It is a land of blue mountains and forest parks, mazy lakes and windswept moors, white Atlantic sands, an inland sea. In fact, it’s a country that is just pretending to be small. Dozens of small towns are hidden away down among the green places of the countryside, and fishing villages string out along the shores. The towers and steeples of parish churches mark the high ground beyond trimmed hedgerows. The country’s turbulent past, which still resonates today, has also helped shape the landscape. Visit Belfast the capital of and the largest city in Northern Ireland and the second largest city in Ireland.

A self-drive vacation has many advantages. The key benefit is the independence to tour and travel on your own terms and schedule. With a self-drive vacation you can go where you wish, as you wish, at your own pace. This enables you complete freedom and independence to tour, sightsee and enjoy leisure time as you see it. You will in all probability start off in Dublin and branch out from there. Dublin isn’t just a city. It’s a county with spectacular mountains, woods, countryside, and coastline. So there’s even more for you to explore!

I have friends who say that Ireland is the most beautiful country in the world.  Of course they would say that.  They are Irish.  But this video does confirm some of their sentiments. You may want to “bone up” on a little vocabulary prior to your visit so turas sábháilte. (Bon Voyage!) jeb

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