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Seniors Take a Safari to Botswana

Are you ready to pitch a tent, sleep where you can hear the roar of lions in the distance where indulgence and untamed environment happily coexist? Sara Clemence in the WSJ takes seniors there on a trip that will be indelible for the rest of your life.  There you will live in a tented camp called Nxabega in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Just those words means that you are “out in the woods” and a long way from civilization.  That’s what is going to make this trip one of a lifetime and maybe should be on your “bucket list.”

So why choose this location? Just take in this site describing the tented camp. Known as “the river that never finds the sea”, the Okavango Delta is a wilderness haven teeming with fascinating wildlife species, ideally set within the Kalahari Desert. A truly remarkable wilderness and game viewing experience amongst an oasis of islands and crystal clear water channels is sure to be had here. There is no end to the fascinating life that exists here. Wherever you look is an incredible sight that is sure to leave you speechless as you marvel at this fascinating jewel within the Kalahari.

Guided Tours to See Wildlife

Here you can take part in a game drive offered twice daily during the morning and late afternoon/evenings within the comfort of open air safari vehicles and in the company of an enthusiastic armed guide and tracker team. Just imagine yourself floating down a river in a wooden canoe taking in wildlife at every bend. I call this site “total class.” Trip Advisor is high on this particular adventure as well. Here you will find top-rated accommodations and top-rated things to do daily. Know Before You Go is always a good idea as well. You will fly into Sir Seretse Khama International Airport where you will be met and taken to the site. So pack your bags, mosquito repellant and check out,, and for your gear and enjoy the Delta.  jeb

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