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Travel tips in this post focus on resources offered by Internet sites.   There are a multitude of helpful sites available online.  I will share just a couple of these that I feel are very good.  The first is called All Travel Tips.   As you peruse the lists, be sure to copy down some of those that you want to remember later when you do your packing.  I especially like their Just for Her and Just for Him suggestions.  Rick Steves is my hero.  Here is a listing of his Travel Tips that speak from his many thousands of miles of travel.  

While I could provide you with plenty of things to do and precautionary steps, the government website from the US Dept. of State has an exceedingly helpful site.  Read the entire article very carefully.  Their How to Have a Safe Trip is a must.  From experience I know that a passport is invalid if it is not signed.  You will find that out in a hurry when you enter passport control at the airport.  While I personally have never registered with the US Embassy or Consulate, considering the world situation today, it would be wise to do so.  The Travel Registration site will permit you to register online very easily.  You will also receive Travel Warnings if necessary depending on your itinerary. 

Some suggestions from my personal experience include

  • Be cautious about purchasing items from street vendors.  My son purchased a Rolex on the beach in the Dominican Republic for $75.  One week later the second hand fell off and plugged up the hour hands.  My son-in-law’s Rolex also stopped running shortly thereafter. 
  • A French father of one of my students gave him some Cuban cigars for his father in the U.S.  The were confiscated at the Chicago Airport as Cuban cigars are illegal no matter where purchased. 
  • Do not bring any food back into the U.S. unless you have checked to see if it permitted.  I had students eating oranges and salami in front of the customs check as each was not permitted in the U.S.  
  • If you have been to Mexico City the process for inspection is challenging.  Upon entering the country you press on a button.  A light looking like a traffic signal and has a red and green signal.  One will illuminate.  If it is RED, woe is you.  Your entire suitcase will be inspected (torn apart).  It always seemed like we had to wait an extra five minutes as always one of my students got stopped.  The US Customs and Border Protection has a link that will help you better understand entering the US.

 The caveat on all of my suggestions is “KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!”  


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