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Choosing a place to visit in the Caribbean can be a challenge for any senior tourist. There are so many different companies that want your money and your presence on their island. One must be very careful when choosing from among the hundreds of possibilities. I always like to go to the “source” and tap, Lonely Planet and Fodors.

Some of the essentials for senior travel to the Caribbean are found here at Caribbean Travel Basics. It seems like it is always a good time to visit the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for warm weather, travel deals, or all of the conveniences of home, this site has it all. During the off-season (mid-April to mid-December) you can take advantage of greatly reduced hotel and air travel prices. You can even find ways to save during peak season travel packages, for example, generally offer an overall discount on travel and lodgings. Whether you’re after an upscale resort adventure or cozy guest house experience, great deals are available if you take the time to look for them. If you have already traveled to the Caribbean you already know that one of the most amazing aspects of the Caribbean region is its diversity. Every island is unique, with contrasting landscapes, ecosystems, ethnicities, and yummy foods.

The Caribbean islands have been captivating travelers for centuries. They are most famous for their beaches – stretches of palm-backed sugar-soft sand that rise from gin clear shadows in a striking blue sea – but it’s also an easy life in the islands. The climate is wonderful virtually year-round, the pace of life is laid-back and the people are generally charming and welcoming. And the islands are relatively close to the USA and by comparison with other tropical destinations.

The Caribbean is a perfect place for seniors to take time out and relax. Although the islands are often visible from one another over just a few miles of sea, they are surprisingly different. Some are lively and developed, with a strong local culture of music and dance, some have excellent hotels and restaurants. Others are the archetypal dozy island idyll, just a spit of sand with a few palm trees. And there are literally scores of them, so there’s bound to be one that’s ideal for you, so I offer some sites below for you to surf.

Because each island has something different to offer, senior travelers are sure to find an island in the Caribbean to suit their tastes. Those who have been to one particular island are drawn back again and again with its attractiveness. I have friends who love to swim with the manta rays (devilfish) off the Grand Cayman Islands. Other swear that the Virgin Islands are “the best”. Still others love St. Martin or Aruba or the Barbados. My “Argentine son” (who spent his high school senior year living with us) and his wife just returned from the Turks and Caicos. He knows the world well and chooses well as he is an international flight attendant.

How to know what’s what? Here is a nice map of the Caribbean. Lonely Planet will map each island individually for you and that can be very helpful in your planning.
Caribbean-On-Line offers everything you need to plan, purchase and share your Caribbean vacation. From detailed maps, travel forums and traveler reviews, to great package deals, cruises, vacation villas, and hotel specials, you’ll find on Caribbean-On-Line.

Here are all the islands and each is explained in detail. Things to Do is a nice listing at caribbean-on-line. There are so many things to do in the Caribbean, on so many different islands, that you could probably visit here one hundred times and only scratch the surface. You can book activities directly with them to the many islands and destinations.
Another helpful resource is with suggestions for hotels and villas, vacations, cruises and popular destinations.

And a cruise? This is the “Official Cruise Web Sites” page listing all cruise lines and here discount cruises for all Caribbean cruises. I could easily spend several blogs on cruises in this area however I will simply invite you to surf these sites. I will leave you with a suggested list of Cruise Travel Essentials. Don’t forget your Dramamine and Bonine or a Scopolamine patch. Have super time “down there.” jeb

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