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It is quite evident that “Jim Loves Mexico.”  He also finds the inhabitants friendly, accepting and accommodating.  Here you will find good help and information for you to plan your next trip to Mexico.  Seniors might start with Mexico’s ten best seaside hideaways.  From the aquamarine waters of the Mayan Riviera to the secluded beaches of Costa Alegre, sun, sand, and serenity are just a short flight away.  One of the best guides for Mexico that I have found is on Virtual Tourist and there are always plenty of things to do.

The incredible growth of Cancun, Mexico’s leading tourist resort, indicates that Mexico’s mass tourism industry in the past forty years has been dominated by large-scale, purpose-built developments partially funded by federal funds. In 1967, responding to bullish predictions of US demand for beach vacations,  Mexico’s central bank identified the five best places for completely new, purpose-built tourist resorts. Top of the list, as part of a 30-year plan, was the uninhabited barrier island now known as Cancún. The other choice locations were Ixtapa, Los Cabos, Loreto and Huatulco.  Our US State Dept. has this information for visitors.  From Cancun to Los Cabos, Mexico is one of the world’s hottest travel destinations. Pacific coast resort areas such as Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta offer a combination of old world charm and sizzling nightlife and entertainment. 

Of course waiting in the wings is always Lonely Planet.  Marvelat a 1300-year-old Maya palace at Palenque as parrots screech and howler monkeys growl in the sweaty emerald jungle around you. This is Mexico. Sliding from a palm-fringed sandy beach into the warm, turquoise waves of the Pacific at Puerto Vallarta.  This, too, is Mexico. Dining on salmon enchiladas and chrysanthemum salad at a Mexico City fusion restaurant, dancing through the night at a high-energy Guadalajara nightclub, kayaking at dawn past a colony of Baja California sea lions – all these are unique Mexican experiences. Every visitor goes home with their own unforgettable images. Mexico is a diverse country and a millennial culture with the Olmecan tribe being the first civilization that appeared around 1500 years BC. Mexico is rich in traditions, history, art and religion offering a complete tourist infrastructure that guarantees a comfortable and secure stay of those visiting its different destinations. Mexico has everything!  Most of us know that the the official language of Mexico is Spanish and the local currency is the Mexican peso worth 0.078 cents, but did you know that Mexico has over 66 Indian languages? 

Here are some cheap tickets that you can book online. Cheap Tickets offers this: “Our rates are so low on Mexico hotels, we’ve got money on it. If you find lower hotel rates online, we’ll refund the difference. That’s our Best Price Guarantee. Our selection is impressive too. Whether you prefer the quaint cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta or the nightlife in Cancun, we can help you find the Mexico hotels that are right for you.” 

Of course Wikipedia always has lots of good information on Mexico. Mexico has long been a favorite destination for tourists from Canada and the United States, but it is also becoming increasingly popular with tourists from Europe, as more and more of them are prepared to put up with the long flight to get to know a country that besides sunshine, scenery, sandy beaches and clear blue seas also has a cultural heritage that is astonishingly varied and often of a breathtaking grandeur. UNESCO has in fact designated the following as world cultural heritage sites in Mexico: Mexico City’s historic centre and Xochimilco, the towns of Guanajuato, Puebla, Oaxaca, Morelia and Zacatecas, the historical monuments at Querétaro, the Hospicio Cabañas with the Orozco wall-paintings in Guadalajara, the archaeological sites of Teotihuacán, Monte Albán, Chichén Itzá and Palenque.

Discover the fascinating world of Mexico. There are several hidden treasure just waiting to be explored. Ancient Aztec pyramids, authentic foods and fantastic shopping. Whether you’re looking to visit past civilizations or simply lay on the beach and work on your golf game, Mexico can accommodate. is designed to provide all of the Mexican travel information you’ll need to help plan your next Mexican vacation. “Plan a worry-free, enjoyable vacation with straight forward information and links pertaining to Mexico’s most visited destinations. Each Mexican City is broken down into its attractions, major events, accommodations, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, environment, transportation, must sees and misses. We also feature a link that allows you to book your Mexico vacation accommodation online.”

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