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Seniors Travel to Homer, Alaska

Halibut Fishing=Homer Alaska. The phrases are practically synonymous. In fact, seniors, if you are interested in halibut fishing, Homer, Alaska is the halibut capitol of the world. Whether senior visitors enjoy arts festivals, hiking, sightseeing or fishing Homer will provide you with a fantastic vacation experience.

It’s not likely any charter captain will guarantee you’ll catch your limit of fish or a derby-winning halibut (be skeptical if they do), but most offer an Alaska adventure that you’ll talk about the rest of your life and you’ll have fish to take back home. Charters range from a half day to multiple days, and prices vary. While the bulk of charter operators are based out of the Homer Harbor, others leave from Anchor Point and Ninilchik.

Homer is small with a population of just over 5,000. One of Homer’s nicknames is “the cosmic hamlet by the sea”; another is “the end of the road”. Take a look at the harbor that is packed with fishing vessels. It is said “The Homer Harbor is the economic engine that moves the lower peninsula” and by the looks of all these vessels, one can see why. Watch out for eagles as they seem to be everywhere.  You’ll get some great photos in Homer.

Fishermen and Artists Abound in Homer

Homer, Alaska attracts a multitude of artists who produce and sell artwork in many different genres. The beauty of the town has inspired painters, potters, jewelers, weavers, woodcarvers, and doll makers to create magnificent works that can be found at local art galleries, gift shops or studios in throughout the Homer Alaska area. At the Pratt Museum, you will also find an excellent selection of traditional Alaskan art.

An eclectic mix of artists, fisherman, and outdoor lovers make up the lifeblood of Homer, drawn by its slow pace and postcard-ready setting by the clear-water bay. You may have to go out of your way to get to Homer, but it is recommended you do, and try to spend a couple days at least-it’s one of Alaska’s best small towns.

The Homer visitor’s guide is designed to help senior travelers discover all that this vibrant community on the shores of Kachemak Bay has to offer. Small as it be, Homer has plenty for seniors to see and do and taking one of the flying services overview from the air is highly popular with senior visitors as well as boarding a boat for a better view from the sea.

The “Original Homer On-Line Guide” called Homer the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World. These days commercial fishing is the greatest contributor to the local economy, in excess of $30 million per year. Tourism has also become a major source of growth and profit for the area with an influx of many new shops and businesses. You will have no trouble finding a good hotel in Homer.

HomerNews.com newspaper is a great means to find out what is happening day by day in Homer and just like several states, firefighters near Homer have have been fighting wildland fires on the Kenai Peninsula.

Protected waters, large tidal variations and abundant sea life make Kachemak Bay a unique and exciting place to paddle. Regardless of your kayaking ability, Halibut Cove Adventures provides a safe, informative and enjoyable wilderness experience. The guided six-hour kayaking excursions include full instruction, equipment and local guide. Tours and Activities abound and whether you take a boat cruise, see the area from the sky, or simply take in the local museum or just take a hike, Homer is where the action is. jeb

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