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I have just come across a series of great trips for seniors. The first is a series of 10 Great European Train Trips with photos. Train travel in the Old World maintains a certain mystique for many travelers – and it’s little wonder: With scads of culture, 47 countries packed into a region slightly larger than the U.S., and exhaustive tracks that go everywhere from the plains of Spain to the eastern fringes of Russia, Europe is tailor-made for riding the rails.

Another is a series of 11 Incredibly Beautiful Old Buildings In America. There is something so fascinating about learning how people lived and worshiped hundreds of years ago. Touring old structures, whether they are churches or homes, is compelling and always fun. Here are 11 buildings in the United States that have amazingly stood the test of time. From the old church at Jamestown to a farm in Brooklyn, these 11 places exemplify how historic America lives on today.

Do you ever look forward to a trip to some exotic rain forest.  Here are 11 Amazing Tropical Rainfores for seniors to check out. Tropical rainforests are the richest, oldest, most diverse, and most priceless regions of the world – over half of the world’s estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in tropical rainforests, and the Amazon rainforest alone produces more than 20% of the earth’s oxygen. Each of the above is complete with super photos.

I love this one that includes 5 Best Train Trips In The U.S. There’s something mesmerizing about a train ride that often begins when we’re children and happens to stay with us as we grow older. No, we’re not talking about a ride on Amtrak. We’re talking about a great train ride that takes guests through the most scenic parts of America, revealing parts of the country that you would only see by train.  For example there are many ways to see the Grand Canyon, from car to donkey to helicopter and now train. Passengers can take a trip back in time and see a shoot-out in Williams, Arizona, before riding a couple hours to the rim of the Grand Canyon, where they have a few hours to explore before the ride back.

Some folks just love the luxury part of travel and this includes 15 of the finest hotel and resorts that you can find anywhere on this globe. So immerse yourself in the lap of luxury. These FINE HOTELS & RESORTS will have you feeling extraordinary, especially with the premium benefits of being an Platinum Card® member from American Express.

Are you one to seek out 10 Thrilling Roads to Ride Round the World? Here is a list of some of the most spectacular, enjoyable segments I have ridden. But there is so much world out there so please do let me know in the comments what I have missed and the delights that still await. Me, I would love any of these. 

Much of what I have discovered in this post comes from the travel portion of Huffington Post, which also has a listing of many photos that you will enjoy.

Some seniors love mausoleums. Here you will find your choices at 21 Marvelous Mausoleums Around The World. This list has a list of 21 iconic mausoleums or tombs, ancient and modern, that reflect people’s need to immortalize the important figures of their time, or their own selves.

Travelocity’s listing of places to check out on their great URL is another exceptional resource for senior travel planning. Expedia comes in there close with their website that provides lots of information on flights, hotels, and more.  My own senior daily travel blog that I edit daily has an article from several months ago that will help you discover many exotic sites.

Have a good time checking out these great Internet sites for great trips for seniors!          jeb

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