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Senior Escort Travel, Inc. can provide seniors with lots of aid concerning specific needs such as travel companions and assistance of various kinds including door to door service.  This may be just what you or someone else you know needs and can profit from in their travels. 

Mary Ann Gondeck is president and founder of Senior Escort Travel. She held positions throughout her career in which she provided customer services to clients.  Her dream was to “…build a business that promotes seniors to enjoy social recreation and travel with the security of an escort travel companion.   Helping seniors enjoy activities and realize their desires to go places by offering the assistance when needed of a travel companion.”   

The Mission Statement says this :

Our goal at Senior Escort Travel, Inc. is to provide excellent service to all members.  Providing a monthly calendar of activities for members of Senior Escort Travel.   Offering opportunity for members to meet new friends, enjoy good times with old friends, and enjoy local activities or travel abroad with the security, companionship, and smile of a senior escort.  Making senior’s travel dreams a reality with door to door service and a smile.  

Just because you are already in your advanced years does not mean that you have stay at home and feel lonely. Even if you are already in your advanced years, you can still enjoy life to the fullest. If you want to travel, go ahead and travel. You deserve to be out there enjoying yourself.

LinkRoll offers a valuable service to seniors with hundreds of possibilities to check out on the following travel sites below.

•  Adventure Travel (60) •  Africa Travel (41) •  Airfares (541) •  Alaska Travel (40)
•  Asia Travel (24) •  Auto Rental (155) •  Aviation (6) •  Bed & Breakfast (0)
•  Budget Travel (0) •  Caribbean (0) •  Caribbean (100) •  Cruising Sailing (209)
•  Eco Tourism (40) •  Europe Travel (225) •  France (65) •  Golf Travel (40)
•  Honeymoon (238) •  Hotels (745) •  Mexico (20) •  Outdoors (42)
•  Pet Vacations (41) •  Senior Travel (0) •  Ski Resorts (40) •  Timeshare (2)
•  Travel Tips (815) •  USA Travel (184) •  Vacation Rentals (33

Seniors… here are a few tips from that you may wish to consider if you desire to travel.  It seems like everyone has their own list, however if there is even one good idea below that you had not thought of before, it will be worth your time to read on.

Senior Travel Tip #1

Before you go on vacation, it would be best for you to consult your doctor regarding the kind of activities that you should undertake. When it comes to senior travel safety tips, seeing your doctor before you embark into a long trip is the first on the agenda. Whether or not you have pre-existing medical conditions, you need to talk to your doctor regarding your trip. Always bear in mind that you are no longer as strong as you used to be and it can be very costly if you get sick while traveling. If you are on a restrictive diet and you have some existing ailments, with more reasons that you should talk to your doctor about your plans to travel. You should also ask your travel escort to be with you when you talk to your doctor so that he or she will have some ideas as to how to take care of you during your trip.

Senior Travel Tip #2

You will need a few extra things during your travel so you need to pack wisely and pack lightly. This means that you need to take just enough things. For instance, if you want to bring your own personal necessities like lotions, shampoos, toothpaste and the likes, you need to take only small packs that are enough to last during the entire duration of your trip. Do not bring your entire collection of soaps and shampoos with you.

Senior Travel Tip #3

Carry a small bag where you can put all your medicine and other important things with you when you travel. You need to keep your small bag with you all the time so do not make a mistake of checking it in at the airport. You don’t really know when you are going to need your medicines so please be careful to keep them with you all the time.  jeb

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