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Seniors Choose Culinary Tours

Doesn’t a culinary tour sound like fun, seniors? A vacation that includes great food and a food adventure as well.  Right off the top I discovered an Italy Cooking Vacation.  Small group All-Inclusive Italian Cooking, Wine & Cultural Vacations offers you the magical experience of Italian culture like nothing else can. They are personal and intimate, with group sizes usually around 14 to 16 people. You will be among the locals, shop with the villagers, tour like an Italian, and enjoy a real Italian experience that other tourists completely miss out on.

Next “USA Today” takes us right into a European Culinary Tour that seniors will find fun and pleasing to both gourmets and gourmands. “Lonely Planet” says “Look what we have for seniors in Europe.”

Now choose your destination

“Gourmet on Tour” invites seniors to choose a destination somewhere in the world, be it Italy, France, Spain or another country. Since 2000, Gourmet On Tour offers the ultimate in gourmet holidays, designed for seniors who love and appreciate food and wine. Whether half a day, a weekend or a week, Gourmet On Tour provides over 80 cooking courses, culinary and wine-appreciation adventures across Europe, US, Asia and Morocco. They offer a diverse selection of venues deep in the countryside or in the thick of the city, with accommodations ranging from cozy farm houses to urban designer hotels.

“Classic Journeys” is not to be outdone. It’s sensory heaven for food-lovers. With Classic Journeys, culinary travel includes casual cooking instructions in local kitchens, plus visits to markets, vineyards, bakers, cheese-makers and the like. Culinary tours of Tuscany, Amalfi, Provence and the Napa Valley all offer options for non-cooking senior companions, as well as walks to sites of historic and scenic interest.

Gordons want  you to look over their Culinary Tours as well.

Care for some great Miami cooking?

A Miami food tour adventure offers senior travelers the taste of delicious and authentic foods around the city’s historic neighborhoods. From Cafe Cubano to Peruvian Ceviche to gourmet Italian gelato, you will experience everything South Florida’s culinary communities have to offer as well as the culture and tradition behind those doing the cooking.

And Charleston, SC…#1 tourist city in the world

Charleston was recently name the best city in the world for the number of visitors each year.  Well, join them and bring along a great palate and an even greater appetite.  Take a culinary tour of Charleston. Here are some FAQs that seniors want to know before they arrive .

So you’re not Julia Childs

How about learning to cook yourself. The International Kitchen offers exciting culinary vacations for seniors. So, If you are looking for a vacation like no other, these culinary tours may be exactly what you are looking for. Cooking tours are a great way to combine your love of arts and travel into an extraordinary experience. Cooking tours through The International Kitchen provide senior gourmets with the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful regions of the world while teaching you to make delicious gourmet foods.

The options seem to go on and on and I’ll depart today on this delightful blog with “Culinary Questsinvitation for seniors to join a cooking class adventure. They are currently offering exciting, hands-on cooking classes in Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Let them help you pick the perfect cooking tour.

So which is the best one?  The choice is all yours folks.  As they say in French…Miam Miam. jeb

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