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Seniors Look for Autumn Beauty

“There is nothing anywhere that smells like, looks like, feels like a New England autumn,” says marketing executive Janie Hoffman of Travel + Leisure, who’s partial to Providence, RI. “The chill that comes in as the sun goes down, that glow when the sun hits the yellow, red, and orange leaves—it’s truly heaven on earth.” It has now dropped below 100 degrees for several days here in the Valley and it is called a psychological fall.  Better temps are on the way and beautiful fall colors across this country, all awaiting senior travelers.

Fall Attractions for Seniors

Which fall features made cities winners? It helps to host festivals, such as the celebrity-chef-studded Harbor Harvest Fest in Portland, ME (No. 4), or the pepper-roasting Wine & Chile Fiesta in Santa Fe (No. 9). Kansas City also made the fall top 20, perhaps because of its world-class barbecue competition and its claim to be the haunted house capital of the world,  with amusement-park-style Halloween attractions such as The Beast. Down south in Savannah, GA, ghost-chasers start filing into town each autumn to sleep in haunted B&Bs and take thrill-raising tours. Below I’ll list the Best Ten to start.


No. 1 Savannah
Savannah gets the best of both seasons as summer turns to fall: temperatures stay mild and the coming Halloween season shifts into high gear.

No. 2 Charleston
With summer’s humidity gone, you can take advantage of the best features of this civilized, walkable city.

No. 3 Providence
The Rhode Island capital knows how to bridge the seasons well. Summer’s popular Waterfire—evening bonfires that line the city’s rivers—extends through October, while the blazing New England foliage lights up the daytime.

No. 4 Portland, ME
Gorgeous fall foliage with a side of lobster. AFC readers gave the Maine city high marks for its harvest-time farmers’ markets and the warm-you-from-the-inside microbrews—all of which you can find in droves at the Harbor Harvest Fest in October.

No. 5 Honolulu
Coming between summer and the snowbird season, the autumn lull offers some of the best deals of the year—a huge factor in this otherwise pricey destination, according to voters.

No. 6 Nashville
Music City lives up to its nickname particularly well in fall, when the city hosts a variety of music festivals devoted to folk, bluegrass, Americana, or progressive music.

No. 7 San Diego
September and even October may indeed be the perfect times to visit San Diego: the summer crowds have left just in time for what is often actually the warmest weather of the year.

No. 8 Austin
The glory of fall in this university town is based on two things: the blazing hot summer is subsiding, and college football season has finally begun.

No. 9 Santa Fe
In the No.1 town for both cultural vacations and peace and quiet, autumn is a well-crafted feast for the senses. You’ll know that it’s green chile harvest season by the roasting smell that permeates the air (readers ranked the city in the top 10 for ethnic food).

No. 10 San Francisco
This is the time of year to take that summer vacation to the Bay area: the actual summer months are chilly and foggy, while fall tends to be warmer and sunnier.

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There are lots more sites for seniors to check out from Travel + Leisure Magazine  .  Enjoy the fall folks. jeb

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