Cheap Travel and Volunteering Opportunities for Senior Travelers

Mar 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Do you want to see the world, but think it’s too expensive? You’re wrong–you just need to find the cheapest places to travel.  Find out here where to get these kinds of budget travel deals:

  • –  Cheap (but comfy) beach bungalows for US$4-$8 per night
  • –  The cheapest beer: Two pints for a dollar 
  • –  Great restaurant dinners for a buck or two 
  • –  Museums that cost 25 cents
  • –  A PADI 5-day open water diving certification course for under $300
  • –  A car and driver for the day for $30
  •  –  Whitewater rafting trips for $20-$40 per day, including meals!

The Archaeological Institute of America invites seniors to explore magnificent ancient sites with AIA scholars. AIA Tours programs enable you to explore spectacular archaeological sites and architectural wonders in-depth with leading archaeologists.  Visits to leading museum collections further enhance your experience. With AIA Tours seniors experience more than is possible on your own, and you share your discoveries with a small group of fellow participants who share your interests. AIA Tours offer in-depth land trips that range from comfortable to ultra-luxurious, cruises aboard outstanding small ships that can dock and anchor at historic ports and towns that larger ships simply cannot visit, and for those accustomed to flying first class we offer extraordinary adventures aboard private planes

Do you enjoy volunteering?  How about volunteering overseas?  Cross-Cultural Solutions is a recognized leader in the field of international volunteering. Each year, over 4,000 people volunteer abroad with CCS in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.  CCS takes care of all the logistics so you can focus on your senior volunteer experience. CCS in-country staff members are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in supporting volunteers and facilitating cross-cultural exchange. Over 20,000 people have participated in CCS programs around the world.  Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer abroad programs are available in over 20 program sites in 12 countries. Programs are available from one to 12 weeks. 

Over 50 and Overseas  has paid and senior volunteer work abroad, short term international volunteer and work opportunities for baby boomers and seniors, and an opportunity to combine retirement with a new international career.  Their Volunteer Categories outline many possibilities if you have ever considered a volunteer project for the globally-minded individual searching for a unique travel experience. jeb

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