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Seniors: Being Everywhere

Jul 1st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is quite possible to be almost everywhere these days. What with wall to wall news coverage, face book, YouTube, an Internet that never sleeps, entertainment options (depending on how you define entertainment), shopping availability (depending on how you define shopping), educational and inspirational efforts and on and on. The assortment is prodigious and overwhelming. Sleep can be put off until another day or night. Depending on your level of curiosity and inability at discipline, you can literally be everywhere, well almost, at once.

This is the gift of our generations, those that exist within the framework of technological savvy and wonder. Affording the gimmicks that make life quick and easy is, of course, a requirement. But Facebook, for example, is credited with stirring the winds of revolution worldwide. The outcome is yet to be clear. But, at least, people with little are beginning to discover just how much of the world is out