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Senior Issues: Mobility, Memory and Money

Sep 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Past 90, there are some common issues which seem to be endemic to aging. Many persons deal with issues of mobility after 90. The requirement of a walker, a cane or even a scooter comes up for consideration. It is not a fun issue. It bites at your ego and begins to raise questions of independence and ability. No one ever said that aging would be all fun. Well, here it is and it isn’t!

No matter what, a candid and honest assessment needs to be done regarding mobility. A fall has the potential of introducing major limitations and handicapping conditions none of us wishes on anyone. A recent survey of the Care Plan for my mother, who has long term care insurance, revealed that the interviewing nurse recommended a Life Line which could be life saving in the event of a fall. While she is in assisted care, if she falls too far distant from either of the emergency call buttons in her room, she could be isolated and