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Why State Elections Matter

Jun 29th, 2020 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Voters and State Election Participation

There is almost always reduced voter participation in state and local elections, as numbers reported in past races will testify. The likely cause is voters consider them less important than federal elections. They don’t get as much press and many voters fail to understand the importance of state and local elections. So let’s take a look at why we should change our minds about races closer to home.

Understanding Precincts and Districts

Your voter registration card tells you what precinct and what district you belong to. So who determines where you vote? State and local officials divide up the state into voting districts, and then they divide districts into precincts and assign those precincts to a specific voting location. Increasingly states are permitting mail-in ballots so voting locations are a non-issuse in those cases. However, even people voting by mail are assigned districts and precincts. Why is this important??


Nov 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Today is a good day to be proud of yourself. Today is a day when you can look yourself squarely in the mirror and say “I am really pleased with who I am.” You have gone through an extensive barrage of deliberate and unkind attacks on your character, on your class, on your commitments to being the kind of person America needs right now. You aren’t puffed up. You are just a solid human being who has taken his/her self seriously enough that you know you can and have made a difference.

You may have stood for hours in a polling line. You sorted out the wheat from the chaff. You examined the issues and the non issues before you finally concluded you were ready. And when you were, you knew that you had made the right decision at the right time. You know you are a part of history. You are one of millions about whom this campaign will be


Oct 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In less than three weeks now, most of us seniors will have participated in a huge historic event. First of all, it is no small matter to take the initiative to vote. In most democratic countries of the world this is a privilege and obligation that falls on its citizenry. To take it seriously means one has some understanding of the role and place of politics. It further means that having a world view that includes single individuals has unusual significance.

For all the attempts to negatively influence its outcome, this election stands as singularly critical in the historic roll call of national events. We will be about deciding what direction this country will take, what economic philosophy will be affirmed, what political persuasion will be given the most influence.