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Jan 16th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While it is often disconcerting to admit one has been in error for so long, I have just now learned that my long deeply instilled practice of typing two spaces instead of one at the end of a sentence is incorrect. In fact, just now, I had to go back to correct that same practice. It will be a very difficult habit to break, worse than biting one’s nails. In this column, for the first time, I am instituting the practice of one space following every sentence. So, one may ask who says there should be just one space. Typographers that’s who.

When learning to type way back in the dark ages of the 50’s, the practice was drilled into us during our typing classes. Now, all these years later, trying to learn a “new” style is almost a sacrilege.


Oct 11th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We have reached the picture hanging stage. This means that there are fewer boxes to be unpacked and less things to put away. This is usually a good sign in the stages of moving. There can now be more time spent relaxing the back, which is severely traumatized by all this, and less time with the details of the house. The only difficulty with the picture hanging stage is that there must be final agreement on where the item goes, on which wall, over which table, etc.

There is less conflict by now. There really hasn’t been much and most of it has been appropriately internalized. There is really little need for conflict, nothing to be gained, and a lot to be sacrificed if the situation is reduced to a fighting match. Things are just things, after all. They need to be treated with the respect they deserve, like


Oct 3rd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Good morning! We are back. The last several days have been focused on a huge change of pace and a shift of direction. Moving, as we have pointed out previously, is among the most traumatic of life changes. It is an upheaval full of unexpected revelations. It puts the mirror of your person straight in front of you and says, “so who are you really?”

Most of us much of the time try rather hard to resist going through such drama. It is awakening to the soul, mind and spirit.

In our daily excursions into whatever way we define reality, we find that routine is preferable to disruption. Many who work with the public have discovered how much of a struggle it is to introduce and cope with change. It’s just easier, more comfortable, less difficult to keep things on as steady keel.


Jul 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We have just returned from a four day whirlwind trip in which we house shopped, perused and bought some furniture, exhausted ourselves in an attempt to plan the next ten years (or so) of our lives with a plan for a new start, a change of pace and location, a new set of supportive intimates who help define what life will be like for and with us.

Some will be surprised at this. Some friends, whom we have known for a good while, will celebrate and revel in it. I have one acquaintance who declares he likes to re-image himself every ten years or so just to get a new angle on life and living. So many find it so easy to keep things in the same rut, decrying any change or upheaval in behavior, habits, routine, pattern. To live life without the opportunity to shake the foundations once