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May 31st, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Because I am not employed and what I choose to do, and am able to do, is laid to the privilege of being retired, this column has been vacant for some while. It was the result of an extended illness, and the caretaking that resulted for my 93 year old mother. Add to that an illness that came to visit and limited my activities as well as interest in other things. All of this led to my finding ready excuse, no motivation, and an overwhelming sense of emotional fatigue, not to do or want to do much of anything. In other words, I found myself in the middle of the struggle to fight the fight and deal with the pain of letting go.

This article is the result of my being aware that eventually a shift must occur and life’s shape and function must adjust.


Mar 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of the givens of growing older is that adjustments and alterations and changes are constant. No matter what every day brings on. No matter how we may try to model our lives, the unexpected still invades and insists upon its way. Before turning 70, I expected to be able to continue to live a life style and behave much as I had pre-70. Surprise, some of those alterations and adjustments and changes introduced themselves. And they did so, so I thought, quite apart from any encouragement or invitation from me.

For those who have participated in life with a sense of its uninterrupted balance, the sudden introduction of change is a very formidable and persistent foe. Adjusting to all the marvelous technological innovations is not so overwhelming. Getting into the latest model vehicle with all its useful and wondrous gadgets, visiting an electronics store may slightly overwhelm us, but not so much

Seniors Seek Normalcy in Abnormal Times

Jun 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is likely too much to ask or expect, but normalcy appears to be another of those things of the past. Seeking normalcy, particularly after retirement, is a presumed goal which assumes life may have some predictability, sufficient sociability and satisfactory sustainability. None of this seems any more likely than persons being assured they won’t lose their jobs before retiring.

These are abnormal times. Some try to live apart from the encroaching realities which include unanticipated disasters that threaten home and hearth, the economy and one’s nest egg, the prospect of welcoming your adult children to move back home, the fear of traveling in parts of the world that are in upheaval. The talk of another great depression leaves many fearful and anxious. And, as Linda Ellerbee used to say, “so it goes.”

Seniors: New Realities, Old Habits

Apr 18th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In the face of so many sociological, political, world shaking problems, disasters, issues and upheavals, how do we we begin to adjust? First, of all it is all CHANGE, and change is one thing older persons have a hard time respecting. Try facing it down today and you will lose.

Adjustment is the new expectation. Well, maybe not so new, but certainly inevitable. Like it or not, try to fend it off as we might, it will be around and it will prevail. Today’s world means a shedding of our old habits, our past behaviors, our long held biases, our expectations for calm serenity. Change is here to stay, but it changes every day.