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Nov 21st, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sitting in a parking lot, awaiting my spouse running an errand, I am aware of the variety and number of older persons scurrying in and out, doing whatever it is they have to do today. Longevity has made a dramatic impact on our society. Its influence is everywhere. Both in numbers and in the wide spectrum of persons who have learned the nuances of managing aging, the show is quite intriguing.

Science and medicine and diet and exercise and opportunity have enabled our living longer, doing more, coping better, challenging infirmity. We are more capable of dealing with the typical onslaught of growing older. We have learned how to be and do more than previous generations ever thought they might or could. And doing so has introduced us to longer life, more plentiful and fulfilling in all kinds of ways.

But, there still seems to be something missing for many retirees. Men seem to adjust