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Dec 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This is one of those days that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day. For seniors, retirees and others not in the work world, it is just another day off, a day to do pretty much what we like. It is a privileged day, this, and those that lead up to New Year’s eve and day.

This day, is much like the others we have come to enjoy and sometimes take for granted. It is a holiday, but really is only one more in a string of holidays that we are able to do whatever we wish.

Not everyone is so fortunate, even some who are retired are still caught up in trying to make ends meet, and are holding down part time jobs to make a living.

Retirement’s Opportunities and Puzzles

Aug 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How long you have been retired really makes no difference. The truth is that, in this stage of life we are met with a continuing evolution. Not unlike growing up, life past retirement continues to offer the necessity for adjustment. From childhood to adolescence, we were met with a continuing series of changes and unexpected adjustments. From adolescence to adulthood, it continued to do so. From early to middle, and so on. That is way our life’s clock works. And retiement is no different. It comes up with some dramatic adaptations. Not always prepared to deal with them, they show up nonetheless. It is, not unlike a winding clock, necessary to keep up with the winding and rewinding to keep it going.

Much of retirement, particularly in its earlier stages, is filled with opportunities. Those opportunites run the gamut from leisurely exercises and travel to new discoveries of what you can do and be. Energy is good, time is plentiful, hopefully resources are adequate. The journey called retirement invitingly beckons you.