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Seniors: Boredom is Unnecessary

Sep 2nd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Over the past month, I have found myself raiding my bookshelves for things I either haven’t ever read or haven’t read in a very long time. What I discovered was a collection of wonderful local historical accounts dealing with both the great and small of the town and county where I grew up. I am amazed at my ignorance. I am saddened that so much time has past and I have not grasped the extraordinary history of my ordinary home town. It is full of treasured tales and heroes and heroines, old and valuable structures that played a part in the early life of this community. Most of it has been out there, all along, just being taken for granted. How sad!

In San Francisco recently, we took advantage of a City Tour of one of the prominent buildings of old San Francisco. The guides are well trained volunteers who love their town. They want to share that love with others. Couldn’t that be the case of almost any town of almost any size? Docents and