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Seniors: When Presence is Required, Caregiving for Family

Nov 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of my cousins, an only child, has been diagnosed with cancer, requiring radical surgery. He lives alone, has friends, but is limited in the number of family who live near by. We are among that family. When we learned of his diagnosis, we called him immediately and indicated that we would be making our way to our Texas home, where he lives close by. We know, as do most, how important it is to be aware of When Presence is Required. Loneliness and isolation are not desirable when faced with serious and life threatening illness. My cousin and I both enjoy the luxury of being an only child. That luxury comes into question at times like these.

Presence is Required when someone in our circle is met with the anxiety, fear and concern which needs the availability of a shoulder, an ear, a heart and a strong embrace. If that is not our role, what is? Being there is a major