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Oct 23rd, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Those 10,000 new retirees a day offer an interesting view of how the world is changing. Markets are more and more motivated by those who are retired or on the doorstep of retiring. The number of commercials on air can be gauged by the theme of those commercials. More and more of them emphasize drug company products. Some have been adequately tested. Others, only one can wonder.

Almost as soon as another disease is discussed and belabored, another “cure” or treatment is available. Has there been ample time given to the possible side affects and pronounced problems that may be associated with this newest “pill?”

We took my 92 year old mother to her new physician for an initial visit


May 15th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Last week we took a week off and found ourselves cast in a new environment where routine and relaxation were given new definitions. It was a holiday of complete and utter relaxation where eating out became the norm and sleeping in was everyday possible.

It was a time to be with family, a chance to do some exploring, an opportunity to be carefree. Not often enough do we give ourselves permission to be so free. Not often enough do we open ourselves to such casual and unencumbered expenditure of time and energy.

Magic holidays are moments for total release and complete disregard for set agendas. Finding that one can be released from