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Jun 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We are the proud heirs to someone’s loss. A Lhasa Apso showed up near our property a while back. He was laden with mud, could not really identify his color and was tired from a journey that brought him to us from where we know not. We sought to find his owner, identify whether any neighbor had any idea to whom he may have belonged, and quickly had him groomed and looked over thoroughly by our vet.

Rather quickly he maneuvered his way into our hearts. We remained open to someone who might claim him. No one has. We decided that he then had found his home and was quickly adapting to it and our two other pets, a dachshund, who wasn’t too sure, and a papillion, who allowed as how he might be alright.


Jan 18th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Three wonderful pets remind us every day, just how much of their lives center on us. Their care and keeping, their safety, their diet, their daily routine rests with us to meet and provide. It is nice to be needed. That is one of the essentials provided by a pet. They let you know that their world is about you and them. They help you understand the need for affection and the rewards that are associated with it. They start the day with you in mind. They quit the night when snuggled in, perhaps in bed with you, and they know all is well.

It is not too much to keep them well assured that they too are a central part of your universe. It is not too much to stop for a moment to pet them and let them know love is returned. It is not too much to give them your lap, your hand upon their head, your smile, your affirmation.

Pets Improve Quality of Life for Seniors

Aug 16th, 2011 | By | Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Research Supports Pets for Seniors As we senior citizens age, our social environment is an important component of our well-being.  The happier we are socially and with friends, the healthier are our bodies.  Psychological and physical well-being go hand in hand. Research recently reported adds evidence to the contribution pets make to daily life and […]

Seniors: A Reversal of Roles

Sep 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Perhaps when you were a young parent you found yourself reading to your children at night or telling them stories to beguile them at least toward sleepy time. It was, as I recall, a special treat, even if only occasionally done. When the eyes got heavy and the child or children drifted off, the chore was done and the pleasantness of a special experience and memory had been set in place.

The children are all gone now. There are no bedtime stories. If reading is done, it is usually quietly and serves to lure you to sleep. But in our house over the last year or so, a reversal of roles has occurred. As mentioned here frequently we are the parents of two dogs, one a daschund, the other a papillion. Because they are rescue pets, we have no idea where some of the idiosyncratic behaviors developed or how or when. Our papillion, Patton, has developed a characteristic that is puzzling, delightful, unusual and darling. We ask him if he has a