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Nov 27th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Working out an agreement with everyday opportunity is like making a major purchase. Everyday offers a new bargain, a chance to live it or dread it, an occasion to invest ourselves in whatever comes. Unless your disposition works against you, the day ahead is like a bank account full of money. You may spend it as you wish. You can’t invest it, because tomorrow it will be gone. You can’t give it to someone else, they have their own. You can’t horde it, time is fleeting and slips by suddenly and without warning.

So today, now is enough. It offers time to do whatever we feel like doing. It lends to us the very essence of what life is all about. And, do not doubt it, it is a loan. For there is nothing we can do with it that will preserve it beyond the contributions we make by spending it lavishly and well on doing and being and caring and living out a life of purpose and fulfillment now.