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Seniors: How to Say Goodbye from Far Away

Mar 7th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

At Christmas last year, there came a greeting card and a short note from a dear and abiding friend. She had lived in the same community with us, was a part of the church, and developed into a steadfast supporter.

I tucked the card and note in a place where I could be reminded to reply and to chat. Before that happened, however, news came of her death. She was in her eighties, so it needn’t have been a surprise. She was not experiencing any life threatening illnesses, but she simply passed away.

Now no longer is it possible to say goodbye, from far away. She had moved from Arizona to Missouri, her home state. Family and long time friends reside there. She had, it seems, done as many do. She had gone home to die.