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Seniors: Pride in Family Grows

Apr 5th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Experiencing the accomplishments in your own family adds to a sense of pride and satisfaction available almost nowhere else. When you witness initiatives being taken, success being achieved it is a joy unlike any other. It simply means that the good things about the lives of those you love are showing up in ways that make them stronger, more respected, leading full and productively satisfying existences. For such episodes to occur in one’s family and circle stimulates the endorphins in all of us. We are proud to see others take up the baton and lead the parade in directions that call forth serious accomplishment.

Such moments remind us what we attempted as we grew out of adolescence into adulthood. We wanted to make our parents proud. We wanted to achieve and succeed. We wanted to experience the satisfaction we saw in our parents’ eyes as they watched us mature and walk across the various stages of life, receiving our credentials to march on. When that happens, even yet, we are