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Seniors: A Reversal of Roles

Sep 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Perhaps when you were a young parent you found yourself reading to your children at night or telling them stories to beguile them at least toward sleepy time. It was, as I recall, a special treat, even if only occasionally done. When the eyes got heavy and the child or children drifted off, the chore was done and the pleasantness of a special experience and memory had been set in place.

The children are all gone now. There are no bedtime stories. If reading is done, it is usually quietly and serves to lure you to sleep. But in our house over the last year or so, a reversal of roles has occurred. As mentioned here frequently we are the parents of two dogs, one a daschund, the other a papillion. Because they are rescue pets, we have no idea where some of the idiosyncratic behaviors developed or how or when. Our papillion, Patton, has developed a characteristic that is puzzling, delightful, unusual and darling. We ask him if he has a