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Senior Citizens Deal With Frustration

Jan 11th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Here we go again, with the frustration theme! The latest experience gives me some more insight about how to manage Frustration when it rears its ugly head.

We’ve been in East Texas since late November. We’ve written about the beauty and serenity of our Piney Woods, and how much we love our home here. But living in a remote and secluded area has its drawbacks. One is connection to the Internet. That’s a big one for us, because we need to be online every day to keep this site updated. When the weather interferes, or a tree grows too many leaves and occludes the satellite dish, or the modem decides to develop a mind of its own and work only part time… those are very big obstacles for us!

My first response was to raise my voice, utter my favorite four-letter words and slam the mouse down on the desktop. Very