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Dec 30th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior citizens today have lived through enormous changes since our early childhood days. Those of us born during (or at the tail end of) World War II lived through the trauma of depression and loss. We also knew recovery and the joy of life improving. We played with our neighborhood friends without fear of ominous strangers preying on our group. We invented our own games. We had no gadgets to entertain us; it wasn’t until 1953 that my family bought a television set. The radio provided programs for us to listen to, after dinner and dishes. Table games were our favorite activity. Mother taught my sisters and me to play Canasta before we entered Kindergarten, so we could learn our ‘numbers’. Families were the center of our lives and family activity dominated our worlds.


Nov 5th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

After tomorrow, assuming there is a clear election and not a deadlock, there will be no do overs. Whoever is elected will be the President for four years. Whoever is elected will be handed the reins of power. Whoever is elected will be tested for integrity, honesty, confidence in his ability to lead, compassion for those he leads. There will be no do overs if your candidate isn’t the one who receives the wreath of victory.

Many before Tuesday will have already cast their vote. Many more want to, but in some quarters, namely Florida as the worst example, are being denied that right and opportunity. What a shamefully blatant act of misused power. There can be no do overs for politicians who make choices that deter the democratic process from working smoothly and well.
There will be no do overs if we discover that the one elected is in fact lacking in the qualities that America is begging for.