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National Support Programs for Seniors

The good news:  Support for Social Security and Medicare continues to grow. AARP recently launched its National Conversation on Social Security and Medicare.  This state-by-state program focuses on seniors who have ‘…Earned a Say…’ in the decision making facing us regarding these two vital programs.  Senior citizen responses are being televised, read on radio and posted on the Internet.

The value of this approach lies in the reality that seniors know best the importance of Social Security and Medicare because we depend on these two programs for our very survival. Broadcasting our comments to the rest of the nation may help open some eyes about the notion that trying to dismantle either of these lifelines will create a significant ‘gray’ stir.

Advocacy for Senior Citizens

Another support program for Social Security and Medicare is the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.  This group is “… the nation’s leading advocacy group that fights to protect Social Security and Medicare.”  (  This non-profit organization was founded by James Roosevelt, son of President Franklin D Roosevelt, in 1982.  The NCPSSM is an advocacy group that works actively with congressmen and women on behalf of senior citizens across the country.  It is recognized by many as a leader in efforts to support and protect senior citizens.

One of the articles on the NCPSSM site is entitled, “10 Things to Love About Social Security and Medicare”.  The introduction says,

“Americans love their Social Security and Medicare yet these earned benefit programs continue to be the focus of attacks like the GOP/Ryan Budget or the endless slew of “bipartisan” commissions like Simpson Bowles or the Gang of Six. Here are 10 reasons why workers, retirees, the disabled and their families love Social Security and Medicare and how these benefits are so vital to middle class Americans:”  (

The article provides ten reasons why both Social Security and Medicare should be supported by every voting person in the country.  SCJ recommends its reading by all.

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