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Update on AARP National Conversation

Many senior citizens are following the AARP National Conversation on Social Security and Medicare on Facebook. Seniors are overwhelmingly in favor of preserving both programs.
A recent AARP Bulletin report included statements made by individuals who posted on the National Conversation page.  Those statements are summarized here:

  • At last count, over half a million people have engaged in the You’ve Earned a Say conversation, including nearly 400,000 who completed questionnaires.
  • “I and millions of Americans have earned these benefits. I have worked and paid in since I was 13 years old.” In short, people don’t view Social Security and Medicare as “entitlements.” They’re benefits people have earned and expect to receive.  And seniors don’t like the idea of Washington politicians playing around with benefits we have earned.
  • “I worry that there will be nothing left by the time I need it.” The report, however, says AARP seniors are ‘unwavering’ in their desire to see Social Security and Medicare strengthened for future generations.

Do Social Security and Medicare Need Changes?

The report reveals that seniors are aware some changes will need to be made.

  • “They are important social care programs that were well designed, but now need some changes to ensure their continuation at a reliable level. I want to be able to depend on both programs when I am ready and need them.”  Seniors are both skeptical and nervous about Washington politicians changing the programs.

The report concludes that seniors still need to get involved so our voices are heard.  We seniors need to continue to let congressmen and women know that we depend on Social Security and Medicare for our very survival. We are real people…  55 million strong.  We need consideration given to more than just numbers.  The needs of human beings must be paramount in whatever changes are made to Social Security and Medicare.

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