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Find Answers to Questions About Retirement

A query was posted the other day in which a senior asked: Do seniors pay for medicare? That question can be coupled with others.  Do seniors pay for Social Security?  What are the benefits a senior may expect upon retirement? What are the rules and restrictions that influence when, what and how to retire at specific ages?  All of these and a deluge of others are appropriate and essential for persons approaching or at retirement age.

A primer on retirement needs to be carefully reviewed to assist a person in knowing the necessary preparations, pitfalls and potential that awaits upon retirement.  Here are some options for finding the answers to your questions about retirement:

  • AARP provides a plethora of information about retirement, Social Security and Medicare.  An entire section of their website is devoted to these topics alone.  This article answers the 25 most frequently asked questions about Social Security.  Medicare information, with links to the site, is easily found.  Everything on the site is related to retirement, so you need to go to the ‘home’ page and do a search for the specific retirement issue or concern that you want to ask about.
  • Educational sites, such as the Brookings Institution, provide excellent resources for financial planning that pre-seniors must consider for safety and security in retirement.  Financial institutions also provide resources for planning; care must be exercised when reading information on sites that have a vested interest in the topic.
  • Retirement pensions are offered by many companies for their employees.  Each company or pension fund has information about individual programs, and websites online offer detailed information about specific plans.  Most of them also provide opportunity for individuals to register with the plan and obtain account information online, as well as making transactions.
  • Advice about retirement is also available, including planning for retirement, when to retire, steps to consider in the process, resources for retirees and enjoying retirement.
  • Sites such as this one,, have hundreds of articles related to senior citizens and retirement.  They are available with an online site search for whatever topic interests you.

Stay tuned.  SCJ will write more specifics to follow up this very important topic!

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