Seniors and American Voters in Agreement About Social Security

Jan 13th, 2011 | By | Category: Social Security & Medicare

All the evidence about Social Security continues to say the same thing:  Don’t change Social Security.  Leave the program, and Senior Citizens in our country, alone.

The latest op ed is a little long, but very well written with a lot of essential points to consider.  Richard Eskow wrote it and SCJ highly recommends you read the entire op ed.  If you don’t yet know it, just click on the text highlighted above, and you will get to the original article.

I’m going to summarize what Eskow says here.  He addresses his remarks to our President.  This piece is excerpted:  “As you know, Mr. President, leaders of both political parties have been talking about Social Security cuts. Your own Deficit Commission came up with some very Draconian (and unpopular) ideas, and members of your Administration haven’t committed to defending retirement benefits. There are even rumors that people in your Administration have floated trial balloons about cutting a deal with Republicans to raise the retirement age and make other cuts.

“Inside the Beltway there’s some “bipartisan” approval for those ideas. But outside Washington the real bipartisan consensus is even stronger: Large majorities of Americans – Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike – agree that Social Security must be defended, not cut.”  (emphasis added)  Let’s take a look at the polls that support this statement.

SCJ wrote about Lake Research several months ago.  They conducted several research studies about attitudes and beliefs of American voters regarding Social Security.  The data hasn’t changed.  Voters across the country, Democrats and Republicans, men and women, young and old, all agree…  don’t change Social Security.

So we are looking forward to our faithful SCJ readers sharing this information with your Senators and Representatives and yes, writing to the President.  If we all communicate our positions about this issue, calmly and deliberately and with intent to protect a program that permits a majority of us to live above the poverty line, we will succeed!

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