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Canadian Pharmacies Online

Point, click, purchase—it’s pretty easy to purchase prescription drugs online through a Canadian pharmacy these days. And, thousands of seniors are doing just that—opting to buy their prescription medications from Canadian pharmacies where the most commonly prescribed drugs are 64% lower in Canada compared to in America.

Medicare Part D, the Prescription Drug Program, does not include Canadian Pharmacies.  Any Part D Plan must be located in the United States, but most plans have very high costs for brand-name medications, sometimes several hundred dollars for a 30-day supply.  Online pharmacies outside the United States can usually beat these prices.

There are various fully-licensed, online pharmacies from Canada, Mexico and even the U.S.  However, how can you tell the licensed pharmacies from those that aren’t pharmacies at all?

To help you protect your money and your health, we’ve put together a dos and don’ts checklist to help you decipher a legit pharmacy from a not-so-legit drug outfit when purchasing drugs online.

Do’s when buying prescription medication online:

  • Do ask your doctor – Your health care professional is aware of your health issues, any other medications you might be taking, as well as your medical history. That’s why it’s vital to consult with your doctor before you buy a medication online. Your doctor can determine if a particular drug is safe for you to take or not.
  • Do consult with the site’s registered pharmacist –Many Canadian pharmacy sites offer a toll-free number so you can speak to a registered pharmacist. This is especially beneficial if you have any questions before filling your prescription or if you have concerns while you’re taking the medication.
  • Do buy through secure sites only – Before using your credit card anywhere online, be sure that the site you’re buying through is secure. Alternately, use a secure payment transfer tool like PayPal to make purchases. This way your credit card number and other personal information are protected.
  • Do check the following before taking your prescription:
  1. Is the patient’s name printed correctly on the label?
  2. Is the name of the medication correct?
  3. Do the dosage, instructions and cautions match your prescription?
  4. Is the packaging sealed?
  5. Is the expiration date on the package?

Don’ts when buying prescription medication online:

  • Don’t use a site that doesn’t request a prescription – You would have to wonder about a pharmacy that dispenses drugs without a valid prescription from your doctor. This is a violation of U.S. law! Only practicing physicians can safely and legally prescribe medication.
  • Don’t use unsealed drugs or medication in altered packaging – If medication arrives in an unsealed or mislabeled package, you risk taking a drug that’s been tampered with and causing serious damage to your health.
  • Don’t order drugs that haven’t been FDA approved – It’s not only illegal to import drugs into U.S borders if they don’t carry an Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  thumbs up, it’s also a great risk to your health and well-being.

So with these Do’s and Don’ts in mind, if your Medicare Part D plan requires high co-payments on some of your medications, talk with your doctor about purchasing your meds online at less cost.

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