Medicare Offers Online Health Records for Seniors

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How do you keep track of medical appointments?  Your prescriptions?  Important health information you need to have at hand every time you register for medical care?  Some of us seniors keep such information in a file on the computer or in the filing cabinet.  Others probably try to make good guesses based on our memory… which ain’t so good as we age.

Medicare is now offering a FREE program to help seniors manage our health care information.  Residents in Arizona and Utah can sign up for the PHR CHOICE program…PHR stands for Personal Health Record.  To participate, you must

  • Have Original Medicare (Fee-for-Service Medicare Part A or Part B) and
  • Be a permanent resident of Arizona or Utah

The program offers Arizona and Utah senior citizens the opportunity to manage your health care information online.  Your online PHR stores information (that you input) about your health history, medical procedures, prescription drugs and any medical/health information that you need to have available when you register for health care anywhere.  The information can be accessed anytime on a secure website on the Internet.  When you sign up for a PHR, you get two years of past Medicare claims added to your record, free of charge.

If you provide assistance to a friend or loved one in either of these states, with that person’s permission you can create a PHR on their behalf, which makes it easier to be sure the care you are providing is based on accurate information.  The record can be printed so you can carry it with you to the next medical appointment.

The companies in the Medicare PHR CHOICE program have strict privacy and security standards in place to keep your information confidential and safe.

To learn more about PHR CHOICE, go to  Arizona residents can call 1-800-432-4040.  Utah seniors can call 1-800-541-7735.

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