Healthcare Reform: The Truth Will Win!

Jun 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Social Security & Medicare

A post from Senior Citizen Journal, Senior Editor and CEO, Dr. Sharon Shaw Elrod…

This has been an interesting day.

My husband and I went to church and then had brunch with my elderly father and his wife. Great and memorable times together.

Then we came home, Jerry to his mid-day nap, and me to posting articles so you, our SCJ faithful readers, will continue to find value in what we write.

Then I read a post from a new Facebook (FB) Friend… “…healthcare reform… I’m paying for everyone else’s care and I don’t like it… but ya gotta laugh about it.”

No additional information.  

So I bought in to his statement, and replied, “Stop whining.  I’m happy about my self-employed son of 43 years finally having healthcare coverage.  I don’t mind paying more from my investments to insure coverage for him.  It’s a good thing and I’m celebrating and happy about it!!”

My “FRIEND’s” response was this:  “I don’t work so that I can pay for your son’s health insurance coverage.  He needs to pay for his own health insurance, or you need to pay it for him.  I paid for my own and my family’s and my employees, so I’m not happy about your celebrating, and you and your son should be paying your own way.  You are STEALING from me and I don’t like it.”

And then he deleted me from his Friend list …  and he doesn’t offer me opportunity for a response.  But then, those who are right, and close the door to challenges, never open the door for response.

So, here it is, my former Facebook friend..

The facts about healthcare reform are these:  (with credits and kudos to

  1. Helps 32 million more Americans get insurance
  2. Makes preexisting medical conditions a thing of the past
  3. Guarantees basic benefits for Medicare recipients, makes preventive services free and closes the donut hole by 2020
  4. Sets up a temporary program (July 2010) to help people with preexisting health conditions get coverage
  5. Provides new benefits for most who already have insurance (including coverage for adult children to age 26)
  6. Leaves medical decisions in your hands, and that of your physician
  7. Requires most people to have coverage by 2014, and offers subsidies for those with moderate or low income; more eligible for Medicaid
  8. Creates state-run insurance exchanges; offers menu of private insurance plans for uninsured, self-employed or between jobs folk
  9. Offers immediate tax credits to help small businesses get insurance for employees
  10. Keeps Medicare financially sound for 10 more years and reduces the U.S. DEFICIT BY $143 BILLION.

Now, what were you whining about?

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