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The Truth About Medicare Treatment

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, was recently invited to write an article for AARP Bulletin about the Republican Plan for Medicare.  In that article he wrote, “In the health care law that passed last year, the Democrats who run Washington revealed their solution: a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats whose job is to deny care to save money.”

Now, Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives, either you cannot read and understand plain English, or you are intentionally distorting the health care law in an attempt to scare us senior citizens… again.  If you cannot read and understand the English language, you have no business representing anything or anybody.  If you are intentionally using scare tactics to intimidate senior citizens into voting your way, you have no business representing anything or anybody.

Shame on you.

What Does the Health Care Law Really Say?

This is what the health care law says about the panel of 15:

The panel is to be composed not of bureaucrats but of, among others, doctors, drugmakers, insurers, health experts and representatives of consumers and older people. The panel will be charged with examining the relative health outcomes, clinical effectiveness and appropriateness of different medical treatments.  Medicare does not have to accept its recommendations, and the panel has no decision-making capability about what shall be covered, and therefore cannot deny treatment to anyone.”  ( SEPTEMBER 2011, p 32).

In effect, the panel will be examining research on clinical treatment effectiveness and outcomes, and then making recommendations to Medicare about what they (the panel) believes Medicare should be covering for the benefit of recipients.  This sounds like a good plan.  Everybody wins.  The only loss is for those treatment options that don’t work as well as others.

SCJ will continue its commitment to separate the TRUTH about Medicare and Social Security from the distortions that some politicians continue to put on our plate.

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