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Junior College Closes

This past weekend marked the official and pragmatic closing of one of the colleges my seniors generation attended.  It was the oldest junior college in the state of Texas.  It had been the launching pad for lots of folk who had groomed themselves for other educational experiences.  Lots of sentiment was sold off in an auction of its properties.  Lots of memories went up for sale. Only those who had invested part of their lives there knew what those memories represented.

Now, it is gone.  You know you are older when all of the schools you attended have fallen to the wrecker’s ball or have been converted to other uses. No more walking those familiar hallways.  No more reminiscing in former classrooms, cafeterias, over college pride.  From elementary to college now there is nothing left but a museum here, an office there, a proposed business, a faded collection of structures that mean little to most, except those who still sustain the memories they represent.

Poignant Memories of Yesteryear

You know you are getting older when many of your recollections begin with “do you remember when…

Classrooms and football Fridays, special occasions, dances, celebrations, the wonder of having passed difficult examinations, graduation ceremonies, elections to special positions on campus, autographing delicious memories in the school’s annual, all of these are now lost to time.

Cliches and attempts at obituaries which carried long ago memories, but are now lost to the dust of change and recollection.  Favorite teachers, most of whom are gone now.  Administrators and coaches, of whom we made light.  Favorites on campus, who are now overweight and a shadow of who they were strike little resemblance to what we recall.

You know you are getting older when there is only a memorial statue in the place where that old structure stood that prepared so many for their tomorrows. Sad, melancholy, real as it all may be, it strikes at one’s heart, stimulates wondrous memories, reviews what it is that was so precious about that time.

Now, these places in the heart are like the dust that surrounded those old structures that gave such magic to our lives.  It has been blown away, only to serve as reminders of how these memorials still give meaning to our yesterdays.

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