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Seniors Question Leadership

Senior Americans have awakened to our right to disagree. For too long, leadership in America has presumed to manipulate public opinion.  The proverbial Humpty Dumpty has taken a great fall and there is some considerable indication that putting him/her back together again may not resonate.

The startlingly low opinion that Americans hold of their leaders suggests that confidence has virtually evaporated.  There is little in the body politic that seems to stir the American public to a sense of honest commitment and a willingness to be supportive.

Too many have died in the vain effort at America’s imperialistic drive to shape the world in our image.  Too many have returned home, from too many tours of duty, to find little respect, dwindling support for their needs and conditions, and lingering questions of Why?

At this point in history, America suffers from a dwindling supply of authentic statesmen and women. There are some, but they too are dwindling in numbers.  The right is so preoccupied with being “right,” that they cannot see beyond their myopic short sightedness or hear beyond the crescendo of their argumentative points of view.

The left is caught on the horns of its own dilemmas, attempting to redefine itself in the face of a growing skeptical and discouraged nation.

The middle, independently minded and leaderless, offers little that would extract us from the swamp of confusion.

Here we are then in a quandary lacking any immediate promise that whatever we choose next to do will improve the situation.

The List is Discouraging

The best news lately is that automobile sales are up.  The worst news is that while we may travel in style and with the latest technology, we aren’t sure there is anywhere to go.  Forests burn, floods inundate, unemployment rises, city governments entertain bankruptcy, debt overwhelms, domestic turmoil continues to contribute to despair.  Yet, we entertain going into another conflict, whose consequences lead we know not where.

Seven million of us live with little or very little to eat. Homeless numbers are on the rise, while the housing market begins to pull itself out of the morass of the great Recession.  Hints of some improvement in our current condition do not alter the increasing madness of those who would take us down a very dark road.

Here we are at the fork in the road, which Yogi Berra suggested taking.  Here we are as confused and uncertain about most of the road signs and where they will take us.  Hanging on to any limb that would prevent our going over the edge, we are held, only slightly, by that small bush with shallow roots as we gaze at the abyss below.

Looking for any inspiration we can find, we long for some sign, some hope, some power that would give us a sense that there are real, lasting and genuine encouragements out there.

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