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Presidential Politics

When the final count is done and the declaration made, will it make any difference who becomes our president? With all the millions being poured into advertising to convince us of the worthiness of one or the other, will all the words, invectives, charges, counter charges and finger-pointing have made any difference at all?

What I’m hearing these days is that with things as bad as they are or seem, after the election, they will be worse, no matter who is elected.  Now, isn’t that a sorry state of affairs? Isn’t it sad that our nation has sunk to such despair and disdain over our political condition, that there is decreasing optimism about the outcome of this election?

The depressed state of the economy isn’t the only factor influencing this condition. The unemployment figures, affecting so many, isn’t the only dynamic setting up this mood.  The Middle East tension and flirtation with more war isn’t alone in bringing us to more and more anxiety. Indeed not.  We are a people on the brink of helping our nation step into the waiting unknown.  We are caught in the throes of a manic-depressive condition leaving us suspicious of everyone and everything.  We are ourselves subject to believing too much that is wrong and having too little confidence that anything is right.  It is not a good time.  It is not even the best of the worst times.  It is a sad time. Does it need to be?  Can something worthy be salvaged from this preponderance of negativism?  Are we in any position to contribute something for our friends and neighbors to take faith in, to find hope that will help?

Optimism is a Choice

Our first conviction needs to be that our vote will matter. Our succeeding commitments should be that our participation and voice and involvement will all lend themselves to convincing ourselves and others that we still matter and our voices can still be heard.  If we surrender to the nay sayers and the down siders and the country dividers, we will lose. But if we stand among and amidst the troubling signs with a hardy readiness to say a loud “no” to those who are pushing for the negative influences to prevail, then we will have a chance to be heard.

I believe we can make a difference.  I believe that difference will be made by such as you and me.  I believe our country can be better.  I believe the outcome in November can be one that will foster new and strong convictions that America can be strong and fair and ready for what is ahead. I believe that you and me and all the others out there who are smarter and quicker than some of our politicians might think can make the one huge difference that declares, “we won’t be tricked by you anymore.”  We will make a difference, no matter how much or how mean the climate may get. WE, together, we, the collective WE, will matter. WE the people are ready to exercise our strength, our readiness no matter what!

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