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How Long Will I Live?

Edging closer to three quarters of a century, having said goodbye to my 93 year old Mom, aware of the genetic influences governing my life and chances, what are my chances to reach 100? Depending on a whole sack full of circumstances, the chances may be better than I think.  While not a gambler, I am not sure I am willing to bet on it.

Yet, everyday when reviewing the obituaries, I find that those who have died are edging closer to the 100 mark.  Lots of 80 and 90 year olds seem to show up in the listings.  Some die because of the insidious  invasion of cancer; many have just reached what is perceived to be the warranty stage of “three score and ten.”

The warranty seems, in our time, to have been increased.  But, it has happened not always with a guarantee of quality and absence of illness.

Musings About Longevity

Preventative measures are offered in abundance.  These are the ways and means for our managing a life that will continue with relative ease and pleasure. However, for most of us, frequent check ups and tests and appropriate medications may be necessary to keep us , as my actor friend says, “agoin'”.

Add to that the undeniable need for, although not always enjoyed, exercise. It is that regimen that keeps the heart pumpin’ and the blood flowin’ and the energy movin’ us to every new day we are given.  For, by now, every day is quite undeniably, a gift.

In discovering what it takes to keep that gift polished and prepared, there come with it additional instructions to keep the warranty valid.  It is possible to void the warranty, without realizing we are doing so.  Poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate rest, unwillingness to accept certain disciplines that can stretch out the tomorrows.  These and, the presence of indifference and depression, can be killers.

Reaching 100 takes a set of requirements that sometime we had rather avoid.  These requirements include resolve, discipline, determination, persistence, and willingness. Coming to the place when your primary goal and purpose in living is to keep living is the only thing that really takes precedence.  After all, living offers an abundance of delights and unexpected joys and pleasures we cannot fathom.  Keeping them coming is worth the effort.  Gifting others with your discoveries may give them a motivation to try to do the same.

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