Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me?

May 20th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are so many adjustments in aging that, as it happens, we seem always to be surprised with the next one. Our despair is we wonder why someone didn’t warn us. Why didn’t someone, anyone, give us a hint of what was ahead?

Of course, they did. Of course, we didn’t listen or assumed it just didn’t apply to us. The adolescent tendency to assume that rules just don’t make any difference to us seems to tarry longer as we grow older.

To be fair, some do listen and with that begin to equip themselves with the armor necessary to meet aging. Some continue regimens of exercise and activity to keep the body in shape; others work on mental acuity; still others do yoga and other disciplines which seem to head off the invasion of
growing older.

Perhaps, since we are at the age we are and, it may be a bit late to listen to others and their counsel, it would be well to start listening to ourselves.  Surely our bodies are sending us signals. Certainly our minds are trying to communicate. Of course, if our hearing (internal) is shot we may be immune to input even from ourselves.

Here are some of the qustions that may be trying to get through:

*How are you coming on your attention to healthy foods?

*Are you keeping your weight in check?

*How is your blood pressure?

*When did you have your last Breast or PSA exam?

*Is it time to schedule a colonoscopy?

*When is your annual physical due?

*Have you checked for strange bumps and growths and mysterious spots?

*Incidentally, how is your hearing?

These are just a few of the haunting questions which may be trying to make connections with you. Maybe, if reading these prompts others, you need to make a plan for responding, and soon!

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