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A Look at What Seniors Have to Offer

This question popped up in our search box the other day.  Often, with no more than a few words to go on, we are met with second guessing what the query is seeking.  Here goes:

Seniors are important because of their long accumulated knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

Seniors are important because, if given the opportunity, they have much to teach us.

Seniors are important because they can be helpful in our applying lessons of life, e.g. self esteem, self respect, self discipline.

Seniors are important because they offer a great deal of satisfaction and joy to be around them.

Seniors are important because of the practical experience they offer.

Seniors are important because they have so much to give, intangibly, to us.

Seniors are important because they have learned the lessons of  humility.

Seniors are fun companions, when we learn how to be in their company.

Seniors know things we would never guess unless we ask.

Seniors can help us deal with disappointment and grief, illness and heartache.

Seniors know how important a sense of humor is.

Seniors, most of the time, know when to shut up and sit down.

Redefining Positives in Elderly Loved Ones

Ariana Huffington noted recently that in her native country, Greece, elderly people are revered.  “There is something in [American] culture that does not respect and revere age,” she said. “We need to redefine what it is to take care of older family members so that task is not perceived as drudgery.”

Most of us will live into our 80s and 90s; some will continue into our 100s.  Redefining elderly people with a focus on their strengths and contributions will make the future brighter for all of us.


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