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Seniors Manage Accumulations

It is a very reasonable question. After a lifetime of accumulating, one can say, if they dare, hoarding all kinds of things that seemed, at one time, to have meaning and purpose loses its meaning and purpose. That time has come.

When I catch myself rearranging the shelves to accommodate more or make it more attractive, the nudge comes:  “Why are you still hanging on to this stuff anyway?”  Oh, an occasional visitor will “ooh and aah” over various pieces.  Collectors, like me, live for such.  Or they will, as when visiting antique stores, say “I had one of those as a child.”  Not much of a reward for all those years of dusting and arranging, and packing and moving all that stuff sundry times.

Some of it, admittedly, has some value.  How much, I’m not sure.  It is an undertaking to sort through and research what it might bring.  Ebay?  An auction?  Invitations made to other collectors to give it a look?  And that act, that struggle, that moment when you let it go, can you bear it?

Practicality vs Emotions

The fact is someone is going to be left with the chore. How about a garage or estate sale?  That is an insult to well collected, preserved and looked after treasures.   They do not deserve such.  Respect.  That is their due.  They have kept me company these many years.  They were fun, when, as a child, I gathered many of them around me to ward off the chill of a cold and wet winter’s day.  They were imagination creators.  They stirred me to make up stories and live out fantasies.  Now, to toss them on some heap of another’s desire to pay a low price for a high value item!  Oh, please.

I will part with them, one way or another.  And I will remind myself that, even after the treasures have been moved on for another collector to enjoy, I will still have my memories. The accumulation isn’t really necessary for me to remember all the joy and pleasure the stuff brought me.  The memories live on forever.

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