Who Are You Trying to Fool?

Apr 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This may be a good day for the prankster who enjoys pulling fast ones on friends, neighbors and compatriots. Humor is one of the best forms of social engagement. However, it needs to be humor that is not insulting, down putting, embarrassing to another. Enjoying poking fun is usually okay, so long as it carries with it some sensitivity.

Trying to come on as funny, at the expense of someone else is in poor taste. Checking ones humor quotient is a good idea before launching into what is more of an insult than a rib tickler.

Having fun, joking, using plays on words, pulling a fast one, jesting all are most often suitable forms of humorous behavior. Allowing others to share their own stories, wit and cleverness is always expected.

Humor is a blend of keeping your mind active, allowing your body the release of laughter, and creating a social interaction that is normally healthy all around.

Out of bounds are ethnic stories that offer affront, off color stories that just don’t fit, stories that do not respect the age group and jokes that come out being only funny to the teller.

If you need to prove anything about yourself and your sense of humor, you might want to do it in a bar or lounge with people whom you have never met. That way you will save embarrassment for everybody, but perhaps yourself. But then, who will know? And you will have learned a valuable lesson.

There is nothing wrong with humor, otherwise why are so many humorous stories circulating on the Internet, so many comedians making a prosperous living on comedy shows and so on. Just keep your stories, particularly around those with whom you associate regularly, respectful and considerate. Laughter and good humor most always are appropriate behaviors.

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